About John Doe

John is a fourth generation Idahoan dedicated to the principles of Freedom, Liberty, Justice, and Peace.

John’s History

John was born in Idaho and graduated with honors from Boise State University. He has spent years in the private sector building businesses and bringing thousands of jobs to the Gem State. Though he has spent decades as a consultant and business owner, he has never forgotten the lessons of hard work and satisfaction in a job well done that he learned as a boy working on his parents’ farm.

John wants to put his skills and experience to work for Idaho and help put Idahoans back to work!

John’s Vision

John has a vision for a strong and prosperous Idaho based on the growth of the private sector and a reduction in the size and scope of Idaho government. He wants less spending, lower taxes, and fewer regulations.

Independently-minded people who wish to enjoy Freedom, Liberty, Justice and Peace without government interference and coercion will find a good friend and a staunch ally in John Doe.

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Why Idaho needs John Doe

Spending, taxes, and regulations are increasing every year in Idaho!
John Doe will work diligently to reverse this damaging trend.

$ 48.5 M
New Spending
$ 25.2 M
New Taxes
New Laws
New Occupational Licenses

Latest News

The latest news from the John Doe campaign.

Upcoming Campaign Stops

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Campaigning in the modern age

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It’s official! I’m running for office

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